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Solar Energy The Future Fuel: Check Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Many scientists across the world have termed Solar Energy as The Future Fuel. Solar Energy is created by the interaction of nuclear power in the sun that come to the earth. All the sun rays that come to the earth can be absorbed by using technology and can be converted in solar energy. The solar energy can be used for generating electricity by doing some experiments on the solar energy. The most important feature of solar energy is that that it is renewable and can be used till the end of human being. The Solar Energy can be trapped by using solar panels.

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Solar Energy The Future Fuel
Solar Energy The Future Fuel

Definition Solar Energy

The radiant light and heat that come from the Sun and that is trapped by using solar panel is called solar energy. By using some of the technology the Solar Energy can be used as renewable source of electricity. If the Solar Energy is harnessed perfectly than the Solar Energy can be used as the primary source of energy for human beings. The Solar Energy can be trapped by using solar panel on the rooftop where the sunlight comes directly. The solar panels can trap the sunlights and convert the sunlight into solar energy that is used as a form of electricity.


Advantages of Solar Energy

  • The most important advantage of Solar Rooftop energy is the renewable nature of the solar energy. Because the sun cannot disappear the nature of solar energy is renewable.
  • The use of solar energy can minimise the greenhouse effect that also slow down the process of climate change.
  • The Solar Energy can also save money because it can be trapped in the sunlight and can be used over a period of time.
  • Solar energy can reduce the depends of human being on fossil fuel that also save the environment.
  • By using solar energy the use of fossil fuel also decrease that decreases air and water pollution also.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • If the sun is not visible or at night time the Solar Energy cannot be used because the sun rays is not available.
  • The initial cost of setting up a solar panel and Solar components is relatively high in India.
  • To provide solar energy to a large area the user must have a large scale solar farm.
  • If any area has cold climatic condition throughout the year solar energy is very difficult to use.
  • Comparing to fossil fuel the Solar Energy have low energy capacity that required large solar form for providing full electricity to our particular area.

Motive Behind Solar Energy as a Future Fuel

The main motive behind solar energy as future fuel is that solar energy is renewable in nature. All other source of energy are renewable and one day can be finished. The users can trap the Solar Energy during the sun time and in the night time can be used by using the solar panel. With the help of a solar panel or a solar farm the Solar Energy can be converted into electrical energy which can be used by a normal household. By making solar energy as the primary source of energy we are also saving the environment and reducing the climate change effect.

Typs of Solar Energy


  • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy
  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Concentrated Solar Energy
  • Solar Water Heating Systems

Uses of Solar Energy

  • Thermal energy
  • Electricity generation
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Cooking
  • Solar-Powered Street Lights

Process of Producing Solar Energy

  • The most common process of producing solar energy is with the use of Photovoltaic cells.
  • Photovoltaic cells are commonly known as solar cells or panels that captured sun rays.
  • The solar cells or panels are made up of silicons that are semiconductor material.
  • When sunlight hit the cells or panels the electrons in the silicon excites.
  • The excite Silicon creates a electronic spark that creates electricity with the help of sunrise.

Features of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy is renewable and never-ending.
  • Solar energy can be used by trapping sunlight by using the Solar Panel or a solar form.
  • Solar energy reduces the climate change effect.
  • By making solar energy as the primary source of energy we are also saving the environment from air and water pollution.
  • Solar energy is less costly and sustainable for the purpose of human being.


With the help of solar energy we can save the future of planet earth by reducing the use of fossil fuel. Energy can be used to decrease the pollution caused by the digging of fossil fuel and other forms of energy that are very bad for environment. Anyone can set up solar panels on their rooftop to start availing the benefit of solar energy the future fuel.


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